WIP Wednesday - wait, what?
California is Crazy

Well. That was a Week That Was and Doesn't Have to Again.

Blog pix 035 Now THIS is a tree.

I'm bummed at mortality. Two good men are gone from the earth this last week and it's just so wrong.

C-Span is airing their Library of Congress special tonight at 8pm.

Elizabeth I is done to the neck shaping thanks to nine hours of continuing ed last week.

(That's a Ravelry link to the main pattern and not mine, as mine isn't even using the same yarn. You'll be shocked to learn I'd changed my mind, frogged her and started over). (The Ravelry link is to a Slate article about Ravelry. Rav rulz)

I finally slogged through Aldous Huxley's pretentious drug trip tome, The Doors of Perception. Other than inspiring a great band name, what a snooze. I suppose it was more exciting in 1956 but he's prattling on about vision quests and psychological breakthroughs and I'm picturing meth kids.





And I don't even like The Doors.


Huxley would probably walk around, mouth agape, now.


Hmmm... I think I can safely skip the Huxley book.

I'm sorry it has been a tough week. Hurray for accomplishing so much work on Elizabeth I!

Mary Lou

Sorry for the tough week and loss. Do you ever listen to "To the Best of Our Knowledge" - Wisc Public Radio podcast? They did one on Psychedelics back in early June that was really interesting. I was just in Portland for work, and have never seen such a population of homeless youth. Can we start with blaming Huxley?


Good for you, and the progress on Elizabeth I!

You need to read something lightweight now. Go forth and do so ...


Aldous Huxley, like Holmes' 7% solution, had NO idea what was coming. I eagerly await pictures of Elizabeth!


I agree about Huxley. Compared to what you can watch on HBO nowadays, he was tame!


Who doesn't love those huge Valley Oaks? They make living here so much better.

This week is going to be better, right?



Excellent recommendations --- thanks!


Carrie- Some of the sixties stuff just doesn't translate.


Excellent tree. Too bad about the Huxley.


Glad to hear you have made super progress on Elizabeth I.

Who are the men? Hugs anyway.


Mortality. :-P Hugs!

Excellent progress report!

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