Rain on Tuesday /100 Degrees by Sunday. On the average, it's good weather.
Well. That was a Week That Was and Doesn't Have to Again.

WIP Wednesday - wait, what?

It doesn't feel like a Wednesday. Possibly since it's Thursday. But it doesn't feel like Thursday either. It feels like next Monday. Why do short weeks seem so very, very long?

Blog pix 046 In the spirit of WIP Wednesday, and, to a lesser extent, rummaging for something I felt like knitting, I took a fearless and searching inventory of my WIPs.

Ahem. I started to. 

< - - - See that? There are at least three charts with highlights.

I do not want to "read" my knitting. I want to knit.

Maybe I should mark where I've STOPPED rather than where I STARTED.

Has anyone read any Alain De Botton? (Have I asked that already? He's my new litcrush). I'm rapidly aquiring all his books, the latest, How Proust Can Change Your Life. (That's a New York Times review that won't pop up in a link but can be Googled).   By george, I think Proust might. If, mind you, I actually read Proust.

(My other litcrush, Simon Von Booy has a new book out this week, Everything Beautiful Began After. He is the most lyrical writer.)

Uh oh.  Hez is inside.
I am out. 
Blog pix 047
Clearly I'm going to have to take Aldous Huxley's pretentious drug trip saga inside and.....watch TV.
 Hurray for Summer! I wasn't even planning on watching Necessary Roughness, the new USA series. Football? Even peripherally? But
Callie Thorne is a likeable, believable, semi-bitchy competent psychiatrist who lands a pro football player as a client during a messy divorce.
Besides. Marc Blucas (Buffy's old flame). Scott Cohen. 'Nuff said.
Switched At Birth (Monday 9pm ABC Family) has an interesting premise.

Blog pix 019 The child that they raised IS their child. Just one that they, horrifyingly, somehow have to share, and the have just met their own child on the verge of adulthood. Just thinking about it makes me slighly teary.

It has the obligatory opposites, wrong side/right side of the tracks, married vs single, recovering alcoholic vs socialite, deaf vs hearing but it's all so seamlessly woven. Lea Thompson and Constance Marie play the mothers.



I got distracted by Alan Rickman reciting...

What is that baked item in the last photo?!


Whatever it is, it looks delicious.....


Carrie- Love the Rick.Man-
he could read the label on the toilet paper, and it would be sexy.


Lea Thompson - a name I haven't heard in a long while. I thought the show looked interesting as well.

Cheryl S.

Souffle? Looks awesome.

mary lou

Never mind Hez, what's that food item? Yum.


Ahhh. The old WIP/chart dilemma. At least you still have the patterns? I've found wips without their patterns.


Switched at Birth sounds interesting; I an anxiously awaiting the start of Breaking Bad. That angel's food cake looks divine!


Most of my knitting currently requires reading, but I AM finding my focus again, which is good. Clearly, Hez does not approve of the situation. I hope you rectified things.


Pretty colored charts! :D

Love listening to AR. I haven't yet read anything by De Botton.

Teasing us with yummy looking baked goods!


I have several projects in time-out for that very reason, I have no idea where I stopped on the pattern.

I love Switched at Birth, I don't know why, but I really like it. And for an ABC Family show its pretty good (I can't stand their other shows).


I am, once again, very glad I don't bother with most TV shows. Though, it does provide one with lots of time to knit...


I thought it was Friday. o.O



What, it was not Tuesday that is just finishing here,,, LOL
I know that feeling so very well.


Ah, WIPs... they're always lurking somewhere -- usually in a basket in a corner at my house.

So glad you're enjoying Alain de Botton! I'm reading The Consolations of Philosophy, and it's fantastic. I love the idea of USEFUL philosophy (and not Ayn Rand, blech).

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Oh, oh, oh. That Alan Rickman reading of Proust is just stunning. Did you know Simon is a big fan of Proust? I just read that in an interview with him, somewhere. It's also in the book. He likes to read Proust in French.

I just finished Everything Beautiful, etc., and it is every bit as wonderful as you're expecting. He will break your heart and put it back together with sparkles. Is he coming to a town near you? I only saw one California stop on his tour schedule. I'm thinking about visiting Carrie in Massachusetts with Simon's reading in Boston as an excuse to hang out with her. We've been trying to find a decent reason to hang out, again. Don't know if it'll work out. Cross your fingers and toes, please!

Also, that is one beautiful souffle. Is it cheese?


You know, USA channel is one I wished I got. I can watch some of the series on other channels (like Burn Notice), but when I see ads for shows I can't see yet I think - man, I have to get that.

Hi Hez! Hi Carrie!


Yes, do tell. What is that delicious thing that you're tempting us with :)

I'm just watching Buffy at the moment - it is 6 episodes from the end and it is very scary indeed. I might need to watch Angel after though.


Ah, the WIPs. I have 2 large, half knit WIPs that I can't find anywhere. I can't work on them if I can't find them. So what IS that last picture? It's making me hungry.


Love Proust, love Rickman, love Alain de Botton. What project did you end up working on? Or did you start something new? :)


You have now put a serious roadblock in my day...I'm listening to every YouTube recording of Alan Rickman reciting anything ... Shakespeare so far is my favorite.
Oh who needs to accomplish anything at all when one can sit and listen to that glorious, sensuous voice?
I'm sunk.
Hmm...Thank you!

Bookfool, aka Nancy

Pleasy cheesy wheezy tell me you got to see Simon.


Lea Thompson is from MN, you know; she was a ballerina with the Minnesota Dance Theatre before she went to Hollywood.

I knew you wanted to know.

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