There's a New Kit In Town
Day 1884 of My Cat's Captivity

Nooooooo. Not Monday. Already?

Blog pix 098 This is what our tree should look like. It doesn't.

I'd post Barbara G Walker's Heart Strings cable pattern here and ask what on earth she's saying for her row 10 cable crosses but I fear copyright infringement and it being obvious to everyone but me. But mostly copyright infringement.

So my knitting update is knitting and frogging about eleven rows over and over. At least I've figured out what cable to run next to it. (Although if I do pull it out again, I'm just going to leave the background stockinette stitch. But I think my work around will work. Until I look at it).

TELEVISION: Why wasn't Leverage on last night? I don't care about Falling Skies. How did Franklin & Bash get renewed? It's moronic. Who Will Be the Next Food Network Star? (Jeff). (Or Susie.) (Maybe Vic?)

Blog pix 102 Why does my DVR cut out the last few seconds and the preview of Haven?  I'm convinced that's the reason I have no idea what's going on.

READING: Tangled Webs: How False Statements are Undermining America: From Martha Stewart to Bernie Madoff by James B. Stewart. Lying isn't new but this is a fascinating look at some high profile cases where the legal charges were perjury. Martha Stewart, "Scooter" Libby, Barry Bonds, and Bernie Madoff.  (Notice the serial comma. Take that, University of Oxford!)

KSD is hosting her annual Knitter's Hunk Contest. Go vote! I promise you, visiting just for the pictures of the drool worthy hunks are worth it.



Blech, frogging cable work makes me nuts! Good luck figuring it out.

I'm 100% behind the Oxford comma. It's part of our house style at the journal where I work!

Carrie K

Im ignoring it, hoping it will learn s valuable lesson.

Serial comma 4evah! :)

Cheryl S.

Don't look at me. I don't know anything.

But whatever's going on, it's probably Cookie's fault.


Do you want to PM me on Ravelry or something with the text for row 10 and I can try and help? That strikes me as fair use.


Love the knitter's hunk contest.

mary lou

I'll try to remember to take alook at the chart when I get home, but you will no doubt have figured it all out by now. Serial commas,yes.


Now, now, it is only ONE department at Oxford which is forsaking the Oxford comma -- which I happen to adore -- not the University.

1. Cables are evil.
2. Great picture of Hez.


Wheaton killed Eureka!



Carrie- Are you going to watch Pan Am? It looks like it will be interesting.


I'm sorry about the cable - I wish I could help! Is it one that's in one of her dictionaries (e.g., I might have it)?


Hooray for the serial comma!

I would guess you have the cable figured out by now, but I'm willing to try to help if not. :)


Oh, thank you for the link to a Bradley Cooper pic. That makes me so happy...


1. What is complicated about that cable? Looks simple to me. ::ducks and runs away::
B. I <3 the serial/Oxford comma.


Oxford who? /runs

Monday? When was it Monday?

Hez looks so comfy and in the almost lap of luxury.

Is your tree an impostor(that really doesn't look spelled right)?

Cabling in the summer will never come to a good end. :D /runs even faster


Love Hez - how are you? I'm a terrible blogger, and my resolve to be better is a laugh, quite frankly! :)


But I love the Oxford comma! Oh Hez, you are too funny; all relaxed and catly.


I still want to be Hez.


Life is just so much more clear with that extra comma...

I'll think of you cussing at your cable tonight when I'm ripping out my sock heel...

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