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Oodles of Woodles!

Blog pix 202Woodle Orange Tomato seeds from Cabled Sheep, that is! I can't wait for the next tomato season to check them out. Woot!! Thanks, Cheryl!

I've got oodles of candy left over too, (UPDATE: today, 11/8/11, there is still candy!! It's a Halloween miracle!)  but we did have a pretty good turnout this year. Well, compared to last years count of NONE. Maybe 30 to 50 kids? They started a bit after 6pm and the last one came to the door at 7:30. I didn't even shut the light out until 8:30, just in case. (At 8:30, DWTS started and All Outside Distractions Cease.) Lots of little ones in cute costumes. I had maybe four that were middle school age, I think.

I'd show you knitting but basically still the same. Not that I haven't been knitting, but I've been knitting, tinking and frogging at about the same rate. So far, not casting on. But it's cold. And I'm tempted.

Is anyone watching Terra Nova? I managed to watch the second episode first so I was unclear on why Jason O'Mara's character had been in prison and how he got to Terra Nova, much less the rest of the relationships but I was distracted by the complete incompetence of the camp's population. They're attacked in the public plaza by prehistoric birds and they scatter like....birdseed? Did no one drill them? You'd think that it might have occurred to say......EVERYONE that things could go horribly wrong. Other than his abs, it hasn't gotten much better. He raced through a line of people, and guards, wearing a backpack and no one manage to stop him? I wanted to trip him just because he was taking cuts. 

Watch Dancing With The Stars instead. And vote for J.R. Or Ricky, since I drew her in the pool. I like her, I even like Derek again, but JR is amazing.

Grimm wasn't all that impressive either. Maybe it was the Jagermeister Bears. Once Upon A Time started out a bit silly (and probably still is) but I like it. I won't tell you how long it took me to figure out where I knew Emma from.