Oodles of Woodles!
*My Kingdom Has Been Returned to Me!

Please. Wear Sunglasses. For Your Own Safety

I've been knitting:

Blog pix 1944Wow. The red and orange are slightly less bright than that.


My mother seems to find me oddly unhelpful today.

I've been frogging too: (picture)

Blog pix 1918Ummmm. No.

Blog pix 1919


My eyes! My eyes! Still no. (picture. One of these days I'll figure out placement.)


If I hadn't shortened the fronts, I'd run a zipper up it and be done with it (well, a bit of a collar). But... it's wool. Maybe I won't ever wash it.

Speaking of collar:

Blog pix 1945(Wow. I can hunt with Angie and I don't even need to buy a hunting jacket!)

But the checkered collar isn't that bad (well, it isn't that bad if you're not looking at it with a camera flash, pinky swear).( I think.) Still. Probably a garter stitch shawl collar. 

Oddly enough, I've cast on something gray. A lovely soothing gray. Rib/stockinette.

READING: I have no books checked out from the library or on hold. For the first time in ages.

I took back two books unread and The Fairy Godmother by Mercedes Lackey with the last fifty pages to go. It was a cute book, an interesting enough twist on both the Fairy Godmother and Cinderella stories but it would. just. not. end. Still, it's a fun read so I'm recommending it. It's me. It took me forever to read Kurt Vonnegut's Bluebeard (my first Vonnegut!) Interesting that some found it a feminist book but I suppose. I liked the conceit that it was an autobiography of an abstract artist - I tend to agree with his mentor - the closer it looks to a photograph, the more impressive I find it. It was slightly unnerving to agree with him about the younger generation. 

Now I'm reading the substantive changes and additions of 1120's and The Art of Subtext: Beyond Plot.

Blog pix 1946








Does this make my butt look big?



Holy cow. I think I need to adjust my monitor. ;)




Wowza, that is bright and cheerful! Bummer about the reading dry spell...


oh la la,,, :)

Cheryl S.

Yowza! I should have taken your title seriously.


Boy howdy! The colors on that sweater are guaranteed to keep you warm on a cold day!

mary lou

Good think I didn't just go the the eye doc and get my eyes dilated...


You would certainly be safe in the woods wearing that sweater. :D

There are times when nothing appeals to me, book-wise. Then I get over it.


Love the colors in that sweater! The brown section totally makes it work. Without that, it would be too crayony and cartoonish.

The Fairy Godmother is the first of Lackey's 500 Kingdoms books. I have read the entire series, and quite enjoy it. Each one has a different feel to it, yet they all take place in the same universe, and characters from other titles will appear as supporting characters throughout.


What you said about The Fairy
Godmother is how I felt about Wicked. I finally gave up. Those are very bright colors, dear.


Goodness that is a startlingly bright sweater. It woke me right up from my Friday afternoon counting the minutes until I go home zone-out.


There are no words...


Thank god I''ve already lost vision or I'd have been in a heap of trouble. xoxo


Because it is midwinter and grey outside, I love the color - actually crave it this time of year. However, if you tire of the brightness, it could be overdyed with a touch of grey to tone everything down.

Of course, you may have had enough of soothing grey by now!


Yep, you are set for deer hunting with that sweater. Or being lost at sea -- the search planes could find you, no sweat. Still and all, I like the sweater. Tis a fun one.

Photo placement: It is really hard to put text next to a photo and have it all line up and look good. I tend to go the easy route and make the photo full width. Or have 2 or 3 photos next to each other and that extend across the width of the blog.


Yikes, I thought that sun was bright today but I guess it is your sweater that illuminated the sky today .. :)


Wow! I think it's great - very bright, yes, but think how nice it'll look with black pants and a black shirt!

Carrie K

Thank you! Im fond of it. Its so happy.

So far, I just fake it. Tables are supposed to work, but too much bother to learn.


Carrie- Well, if you pinky swear, then I believe you.


I'm definitely getting my dark glasses...we'll see you coming! (and going)
Gray makes tons of sense right now...


*blink* *blink*

I can see what you mean about The Fairy Godmoter. I enjoyed it, but partly because I've learned when to skim Lackey's books to get to the good stuff.


Wow, that's a bright one!

I haven't read any Lackey yet and perhaps I won't start with the Godmother book. I think if you want something also somewhat fantastical but still somehow rooted in fact (and that doesn't go on forever), you'd really enjoy The London Monster book. The story is SO outrageous and utterly random it would be fun to hear your thoughts on it :-)


Wow...that is one bright sweater! I would think your soothing grey would be a welcome relief. I admit though that I have to keep going back and looking at it...

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