*My Kingdom Has Been Returned to Me!
Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

Her Royal Majesty, Queen Hezekiah, wishes to extend her heartfelt hope that all her subjects have a healthy and joyful New Year. 

Her Private Secretary has made a number of resolutions this year that include finishing more projects, focusing, being more "in the moment" (Typepad wants to correct moment to money....) and exercising (she'll take moving more). 

There's a great picture of Hez to be added when I have access to my pictures on a computer and not the phone. Mobile app FAIL. Mind you, no wifi here.

Sadly this conflicts with Her Majesty's desire to be an unmovable lapcat.



Oh, Hezekiah! Happy New Year to you both!


My mantra has become Stay focused, Stay centered, Stay balanced. AND I need to exercise. I have lost 15 pounds, but, um, things could be a bit tighter.

I adore any pictures of Her Royal Majesty.


Dear Hez...you have to let the Personal Secretary move more - if only so that she hangs in here longer to provide you with more kibble...
Happy New Year. And The Meezer sends head bonks.




Do not blame the poor lady!

Happy new year.


Happy New Year!


Happy New Year to both Her Majesty and Her Private Secretary!!


Happy New Year to Her Majesty and her Private Secretary!


Happy New Year! My resolutions are surprisingly close to yours. Particularly the one about finishing more knitting projects.



I lovelovelove that picture!!

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