Happy New Year!
St Brigid Poetry Festival, Year Seven



Thank you for the MLK link :-)

How are you liking Sarah Tolerance?

I also have A Discovery of Witches out from the library but not sure if I will read it- have heard many mixed reviews.

Cheryl S.

Will there ever be a time when justice will reign throughout society?


Isn't it amazing that he was THAT good at 25? At 25, I was an ass.


Extraordinary. Thank you for sharing.


I wonder what the world would be like if he hadn't been murdered?

mary lou

Thanks - I spent an hour knitting and listening to some speeches I hadn't heard before on Democracy Now. Before the sink backed up.


Powerful stuff. Im going to have to look up more of his speeches.


late to this but never too late to listen...thank you for sharing...

Bookfool, aka Nancy

I'm not sure I managed to get over here to say "Happy New Year," so . . . hope you're enjoying 2012. Love that last Hez photo. She looks very mysterious.

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