St Brigid Poetry Festival, Year Seven

James Bond and explorers

Blog pix 2091James Bond and explorers are a big thing in book collecting.I know Robert Silverberg wrote madly but have you tried to find any of his books lately?

Oddly, at an event called the Antiquarian Book Print & Paper Fair, most of the books I was really interested in had a price tag of about $975. Or more. A lot more. $25,000 for a 3-volume set of Wealth of Nations? Considering its provenance, yes.



Blog pix 2092 Blog pix 2097 Blog pix 2104  Blog pix 2109Captain Cook featured prominently but honestly, he was the tip of the iceberg. Heh. If I'd thought of that earlier, I'd've hunted down a copy of Shackleton's book.

Guess where I spent a few hours away from my desk? And why did I not remember/know that the Cliff House served popovers? YUM.



I'm pretty sure there are a metric gazillion tons of Robert Silverberg's books in small town libraries, albeit in bedraggled paperbacks.


Ditto what kmkat said. Love the popover. Hope it was as delicious as it looked!!!


Sounds like a great break from the office!


Carrie- Oh, I would have remembered the popovers.

One track mind.


I just spent last week getting books about Shackelton together for an exhibit here!

Also, did you know that Ian Fleming named his James Bond character for an ornithologist here at the Academy? Weird, huh?

Cheryl S.

Yum, indeed!
Bond. Love Bond.


What is that structure on the beach? and that food thingie looks yummy indeed!


That popover looks great. I want some frangelico with that please.



Oh, and stop being mean to me in email. :p


Every time I think of popovers, I am reminded of the Muppets' Frog Prince.

Carrie K

I found it! omg, lol!! Poor little froggy. But having all those popovers
foisted on me......heaven! I wonder if the wiendish fitch put marmalade
on them first.......


It makes me happy when you get away from it all, especially to ogle expensive rare books and eat popovers! Good work!


Yummy! As usual, beautiful pictures, too! I forgot to email you about Ides of March. If I don't in the next couple of days, remind me!

mary lou

We have an 'old lady' restaurant downtown here that serves popovers. Maybe I'll hunt up someone to have lunch with....


heh, I have the same problem when I go to antiquarian book faires, it seems the only books I remotely want cost several hundred dollars. My husband has a number of Robert Silverberg books in pretty good shape, perhaps we might be able to sell them and retire someday ;)


What a gorgeous place! I now want to eat popovers and look at antiquarian books!!


Those are the old Sutro Baths, are they not?


Yummy in the tummy Pop-over!!


My grandmother burned a bunch of James Bond in the early 70s. O.O And she often used a broom. :D Oh yeah, I'm named after her.

Oh yum, popovers!


Oo - all those lovely books...




Oh I would have loved to have gone to that book fair...

Popovers *nom nom nom* ...


Cliff House has the best. popovers. Mmm...


Expensive taste apparently. Popovers...mmmmm.

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