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Tagged again!

Blog pix 2039This time tagged by Marji at Tangled String.

  • Who taught you to knit? I did.
  • Do you remember the first thing you made? A mass of garter stitch. Then a sweater out of Vogue.
  • Do you knit more for yourself or others? For myself. Other people are not grateful enough and that seems like an unfair burden.
  • Is there a price too large to spend on a knitting project? Well, yes, but I do anyway.
  • Do you knit patterns more than once? Is this presuming there are FO's in my life?
  • Do you have a favorite knitwear designer? Yes.
  • What is your opinion of those ginormous needle sizes? Nice on your hands?
  • Do you understand the Zimmerman EPS system? Yes.
  • Do you knit in public? Yes.
  • Have you been part of a KAL? Not for long.
  • Have you ever knit a “mystery” item? Yes, but it didn't start out that way.
  • Do you knit English or Continental? continental.

Don't make me come back here after April and tag you. (Presuming I live through it) Tag!




I liked both of your lists, but I am not playing.

Cheryl S.

You slay me.


LOL! Seriously? You think a US36 needle is nice on the hands?! :D


Oh. my. god. I laughed so hard on that "mystery" one I think I pulled a muscle!

WHO is your favorite knitwear designer, smazz?

mary lou

Still laughing...


Carrie- You're a scream.


Hehe :) Love your answers!!


Nope, not playing. Unless you want to come work on renovations.


Ginormous knitting needles work really well at holding up sagging plants.


Awesome! Though I like Brigitte's thought on ginormous needles better... :)


You crack me up (I love the mystery question). I'll play along in the comments...does that work?
1. my mom but I've gotten better cuz of the internet
2. hat
3. myself
4. same as your answer
5. yes, small items
6. yes (though I'm not sure I could narrow it to one). and yours is?
7. why would I have a problem with them?
8. no but have never tried
9. yes
10. yes
11. no
12. english

Are you still breathing?

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