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Where I Spend Three Days Knitting and Reading And Finishing Nothing

Alive! Alive!

Blog pix 2171and it's spring! The hills are green, the cows look happy (although there was one young heifer that kept a wary eye on me and kept gamboling back to Mama). Too cute.

Somehow I managed to both gain weight and lower my cholesterol during tax season -  no mean feat.

Now I have to reaquaint myself with this thing called standing? walking? so very complicated....

and knitting and reading! A whole book! More than one! And don't have exciting stuff like AMT in them.

Birthright: The Story that Inspired Kidnapped by Roger Ekrich was pretty fascinating. Another example of family dynamics and entailed estates. Jemmy, the heir presumptive, is only in line for the five titles in England and Ireland because the oldest son line died out after three generations. (Well, he had a girl, but pfft. Don't start me.) His father is actually the heir presumptive but the current heir is a bit horrified - and who can blame him? Arthur Annesley is a ramshackle mess.

Kidnapped was equally rollicking but Robert Louis Stevenson's Jemmy, David Balfour, is a bit older, a clearer lineage and never gets far from Scotland. He's also a bit of a drama queen - at one point he's stranded on an island - within sight of a village - sore afraid and his clothing in tatters (okay, he was swept to the island when the ship sank, lucky to be alive at all) and it turns out that the island is only an island in high tide. Don't see that often in books today.



mary lou

Well there must be a tax on that inheritance, isn't there? Welcome back to the world!


Congrats for making it through tax season!

I've never actually finished "Kidnapped" -- partly because the title on the copy at my parents' house made it look like it was actually "Kidnapped by Robert Louis Stevenson," and partly because of the drama queen factor.

Cheryl S.

Glad you made it through tax season.


Yay for surviving another tax season!


There you are! Did you have tacos today? :D


Look at all that green!! Spring has certainly sprung - glad you survived tax season.


Hehe, I'm glad you are alive! Tax season is over for another year. I hope you'll enjoy yourself!


Yeah! You're alive! I knew you'd make it through. Welcome back!


Such a high when tax season is over! Almost makes the whole thing worthwhile...


Hooray! Glad you survived! I've read Tresure Island but haven't read Kidnapped. My husband read it a few years ago and liked it quite a lot. Must get to it myself one of these days.


Weird, I always thought I'd read RLS' Kidnapped, but nothing you described sounds familiar. I wonder what I read and thought it was the wrong book?


Yay for the end of tax season!! Congratulations :-) Now get more books ;-)


It's great to hear you survived another TaxFest (maybe if we give it a happy sounding name, it might fool you into thinking it's fun?) Glad you are back among the living (and standing, walking, reading, and knitting)!


Carrie- I hope that was "waving, not drowning"-

Congrats on surviving the tax season and weight gain. Well done.


Yay for the lower choles! The scales lie. really. Yay for the conclusion of the season!

I've been reading a bunch of free e-Regency romances...and I haven't been through tax season. :D I know I can come here for the good stuff or at least a review of good quality.


I knew you'd survive, but missed you, still...WELCOME BACK!


Hoooooray! You're back! You've made my day as I've missed you!!!


I missed your 'survived' post. I was thinking about you in late April wondering if you were still standing! Glad to hear you are!!

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