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Where I Spend Three Days Knitting and Reading And Finishing Nothing

Blog pix 2179....typically. I did pick up approximately 810 stitches, knit 27 rows and frog about four times, if anyone else is counting. And I finally got the letters I'm going to use in Mom's vest on Exel and charted. More or less charted. I may change a few things there as well.

Finished reading In The Shadow of the Throne: The Lady Arbella Stuart by Ruth Norrington and meant to read Jack Higgins new thriller but.....Bess of Hardwick: Empire Builder by Mary S Lovell insisted I hear her side first. Bess really did have an interesting life but her 4th and final husband sounds like he had his hands full with Bess, Queen Elizabeth and Mary, Queen of Scots. Wife, queen, prisoner. Prisoner who might be the next queen if the current one didn't make it. That sounds like a thrilling tightrope to walk.

Someone thinks she should be an outdoor cat again. Someone who rolled around in the dirt.

She was not amused.




You specialize in ripping or something? :)

Cheryl S.

Gaaaah! Good thing your middle name is Patience.


At least you finished a book ;) Also, my cats will never see this photo of Hez, they will want footstools of their own too.


Is that Hez's throne?


But you finished a book - that's not nothing!

Poor beleaguered Hez.


Hez is keeping track. No worries there.

Mary Lou

Sorry, just wandered off to the OUPress site for a while. Interesting. I am sorry to hear about all that ripping. GAH - I hope it's not lace weight or Kid Silk Haze at least.


Should I say something semi-sage-y like "It's the process, not the product"?

Yeah. I thought not.


Someone looks like she is practicing to be a queen, too.


Yay! Tax season is over for you! Well, the deadline anyway...

That sounds like a really good book.

Bad Hez.


Carrie- I do that too- spend days accomplishing nothing.

NOT for amateurs.


It sounds like pretty cheerful nothing! Hez is always an adventure, is she not?


At least you're knitting.

Hez's friends at my house roll in the (outside) dust every chance they get.


Poor Hez. Especially since she's on her throne and mistreated by not being allowed me-OUT! *wink*


Is that a throne that Hez is sitting upon? She surely must be obeyed?!


I've had days like that - knit, rip, knit, rip. On the other hand, three days of knitting and reading is three days where you're not doing taxes!


How do you read and knit at the same time? I can't manage that balancing act UNLESS the book is on my computer and I am doing straight stockinette.


I quit reading at 'picked up 810 stitches' when my eyes started twitching...


Hi again Carrie! Long time no visit. I happened to read an old comment from you today, thought I'd stop by. And so good to see Hez again too. Wow, those are my kind of bookshelves, never enough books or time LOL. Happy summer, G

PS: I have 4 blogs now!

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