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Positively Subversive

Blog pix what I think every time I look at my bookshelves now. I swapped rooms in the house and had to bring some books (out of both desire and simple physics) but it was such a hodge-podge with my categories and the length of the current bookshelves that I finally organized them by color.

Well, not completely. But randomly enough so that the juxtaposition of some of the books has led me to daydream about the fisticuffs that must be occurring when I'm not looking.

Other than anthropomorphosizing my books, what have I been up to? Beats me. Not much progress on the WIP's. Managed to finish reading The Perfect Prince and start about six other books, all of which are perfectly interesting but somehow eminently easy to put down and wander away from Catriona, Robert Louis Stevenson's sequel to Kidnapped....From the Renaissance to the Counter-Reformation: Essays in honor of Garrett Mattingly,... This Will Make You Smarter. I particularly like Jonah Lehrer's essay Control Your Spotlight so far - it's so much easier to distract oneself than deny oneself, something I'll need to work on as I'm going to have to drop some weight to deal with the spinal stenosis and the not-fitting-into-my-jeans.

I did finish something - another Untangled! Blog pix 2263Those earbuds really do tangle up annoyingly without them. Now I actually like to untangle things but not in the dead of night and now when I want someone quietly reading to me in bed. That said maybe TWiV is not the most restful of nighttime stories....

Oh rats, I've lost the picture of Hez looking so amusingly disapproving. My old bedroom is the library, the den is now my bedroom and the craft room is a disaster.

She's spent the last few weeks wandering about the house muttering "This doesn't go here. That doesn't belong there. WHERE IS MY - what, srsly? There? You put it there? Harumph grumble grumble."

Once she realized we weren't moving, that is. For a week or so there, she just look scared and stuck to me like glue.