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From LunaNiña but shamelessly copying Shut Up and Knit.

Blog pix 2379I live! I stand, I sit, I'm back on my feet, I still can't tie my own shoes but thank heaven for sneakers and boots. It's amazing how much bending, twisting and lifting we do without giving it a second thought. Well, how much I did and didn't.

Haven't knit a thing since my scarf sized Crown Prince Shawl (well, a top hat, but I still have to felt and probably shellac it). Anesthesia brain cleared up a bit so I was able to read Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King, Aunt Julia and the Scriptwriter by Mario Llosa Vargas for Aarti's A More Diverse Universe book challenge (although reading and actually participating was a little bit beyond me, when your surgeon says 6-8 weeks, they might know what they're talking about. 

Anyone have any thoughts on the Mirkarimi debacle?*** I'm not sure I'd care at all who San Francisco appointed Sheriff if the defense for him didn't keep running along the lines of former SF Mayer Art Agnos saying"....“Anyone who knows Eliana Lopez knows she is not a woman who could be or has been abused..."

Wha'?? Not a woman who could be or has been abused?  Because you can tell by looking? One caller to KGO radio this morning dismissed it because "it didn't require medical care." Pat Thurston rightly queried if it would still not be abuse if he'd socked her in the face or punched her in the stomach because those wouldn't require medical care either. (He demured.)

Maybe a bruise on the arm of a Latin American actress doesn't sound like abuse but why doesn't it? Because she's an actress? Latin American? Her husband is part of the Progressive party? Because it really is political hash? I'm not sure I want to know for sure. All those scenarios are too depressing. And smack in the middle of Domestic Violence Awareness Month. 

Blog pix 2280

* Although I should have thought of Pennsylvania Avenue.

** Fair Warning: YouTube.

***Notice how I don't care at all about Lance Armstrong?




Welcome back! Take it easy and follow your doc's advice.


Hooray! Don't overdo it or I'll have to come over and supervise.


So glad you are doing OK! I'm sure Hez is being a good nurse.


Nice to see you back here Carrie. And Hez too.


Glad to have you back and doing well! :)


So glad to hear you are on the mend. You knit a top hat??? Why?

Cheryl S.

You're back! You're alive!
Hope you're doing OK.

Obviously Hez doesn't care about Lance, either.


So glad you're on the mend! I'm sure Hez is the ultimate caregiver.


You ARE alive! Yeah! I had this whole, huge comment, but my ipad wouldn't bring up the captcha thingy and I lost it. So this is all you get. :D


Good to see you back! Heal well.


Nice to have you back! And glad you are on the mend.


Great to hear from you! Mend well!

mary lou

I haven't seen any of the debate on your sheriff, but seriously, that quote from the former mayor is really offensive. Glad you are on the mend, and do take it slow!


Lance is a douche bag, cheating, liar pants.

Did you ever post that finished whatever it was?



SO glad you're back!!!


Hai!!! Shoe-tying is over-rated -- I am very glad that you can do all the standing and sitting.

I'm not familiar with the situation, but the statement demonstrates some huge ignorance.

I've been reading all sorts of non-fiction health stuff and a few Amanda Quicks and Barbara Cartlands. :D

Keep healing!


Welcome back, and glad you're on the mend!


Carrie- I hope you're feeling better. I never waste time with laces, I live in clogs and slip ons.


Hmmm, this isn't something I know about, but I agree with everything you say about abuse, its definitions, and also about how easily it gets dismissed by some (alas).

I am delighted that you're back on your feet! You know I sympathize completely with the healing process you're going through - keep treating yourself gently!

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