Imbolc/St Brighid Day aka Poetry Day
Did you know bees are responsible for coffee?

March Madness

aka Tax Season.

Blog pix 2463Those frilly daffodils are really pretty and seem to be a lot hardier. Of course, it's entirely possible that the frillier daffodils are some other flower entirely, what do I know? I can usually tell a rose from a daisy.


Hez isn't allowed in the back yard (as if I could actually enforce that,the truth is, she finds the backyard dull compared to the excitement of the street) which is a good thing because the quail really really really do not like her around.

Yesterday morning there was a California Woodpecker in the birdbath, a pair of mourning doves (morning?) on the fence, quail under the oleanders and some little black throated birds I think are chickadees.

I'm sure the blue jays were somewhere, but uncharacteriscally quiet.



Blog pix 2462

Wanting is -- What?

                Wanting is -- what?
                Summer redundant,
                Blueness abundant,
                 -- Where is the blot?
Beamy the world, yet a blank all the same,
-- Framework which waits for a picture to frame:
What of the leafage, what of the flower?
Roses embowering with naught they embower!
Come then, complete incompletion, O comer,
Pant thro' the blueness, perfect the summer!
                Breathe but one breath
                Rose-beauty above,
                And all that was death
                Grows life, grows love,
                     Grows love!


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Sounds idyllic!

We just had 2" of snow this morning. *sigh*


Oh to be close to daffodil season out here. Winter is supposed to draw it's last breath this week, but it sure is hanging on. No hope of a tulip or other such delight for weeks to come. Wah.

Cheryl S.

Pretty! I have a couple of buds waiting to burst forth in the next few days.


I am SO jealous of your daffodils. Mine poked up in January and now look like green stubs look after 2 months in sub-freezing temps.


Tax season will be over soon. Right? :D

Big Alice

Oooh, is that an artichoke? Or a cardoon?

Good luck with tax season. UGH


Yes, they're all daffs. Are they mid-season? My early ones are done and I'm waiting for the mid-season crop. :?

Honey, just fake your own death and move on.


Hooray for California weather! I do love it here.

As to the daffodils, I can usually determine if they're in the same family. But that's the extent of it. :)


We've got about 15 inches of snow on the ground and are to expect more this coming weekend. I don't think I will be seeing daffodils any time soon!


I'm late, of course, but that matters not...soldier on, dearest, that tax season won't foil you! (I'm channeling my inner Browning - tho' probably it's Elizabeth)

mary lou

Ok, I officially hate you. It was 7F this morning on the first day of spring.

Lovely daffs. Mine are buried deep beneath this freakish March snow.


Carrie- I have those smelly paperwhites on my windowsill- I like them, especially since we won't see outside ones for some time.


Happy tax season (says she who still must do her taxes)! I love your artichoke - I have an unnatural fondness for them, I must admit.


Yes, the blight that is tax season. I plan to take tonight off (Saturday night) and work as much as possible on Sunday and Monday (at home both days) so as to be caught up when I hit the office on Tuesday. Wish me luck!


I love your photos as we are still enduring lawns and fields covered with snow. So, our cats still give the two-paw shake (indicating their thoughts on the temperature) before going through the door, if they pass the threshold at all. I hope April 16th (?) arrives quickly for you.


We used to have some daffodils like that in our garden until pao dug them up... :-) we had an advert here in England: tax doesn't have to be taxing. So are they kidding?!


I've been thinking of you and wondering how tax season is treating you! Excited to see a post up! Man, California really is a different place isn't it? You have flowers in mid-March!!


Thanks for the links to blogs.

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