Eve in the Evening

Blog pix 1972 The gloves, they are knit. The pattern is Eve by Julia Mueller and they're sooooo gorgeous, I've been making everyone admire them.

Huh. I can't seem to link Laris Designs - must be the lovely, lovely rainy weather. I'm to blame. I've been wishing for rain all winter and the windows in the office are perfect for enjoying it. Good thing too, since I'm pretty much here all the days that end in "y".

I caved and read The Hunger Games - Does the fact that I stayed up after midnight reading it last Saturday, woke up early Sunday morning & finished it before getting out of bed tell you how much I liked it? I have a bad prejudice against YA, I know not why. I'm 72nd in line for Catching Fire and 51 for Mockingjay at the library - if I had any real time, I'd go buy them. If the 3rd book comes in first, can I read it before Catching Fire or will I be totally lost? I'm already prepared to be unnerved by the direction the storyline takes.