Cupcake Fiber The Cupcake Fiber Company. Soft. Drapey. Silken. I can't decide what to knit it into. Nupps? Cables? Lace? Any suggestions?

Also for some reason, I want some ice cream.

On the READING front, I finally managed to slog through Tim Weiner's "Legacy of Ashes: The HIstory of the CIA". Wow. While my conspiracy loving heart wants to believe that the CIA is populated by maverick whack-jobs (and the headlines occasionally bear witness to it), it seems impossible that they wouldn't have been dissolved and defunded if they were as befuddled and useless as he portrays. The book itself covers decades at just over 500 pages plus a hundred more give or take in endnotes. I'm left wishing that he'd covered just one of those decades in those pages. Five hundred wasn't enough, the narrative was confusing, other than the CIA sucks.

House on Durrow Street, the sequel to the Magicians and Mrs Quent. . Eh. At least this time I don't feel like he's rewriting Jane Eyre and Pride & Prejudice and mashing them in the most peculiar way.

Currently reading: Joy for Beginners.

Is this not the most fabulous map? It's typography, from axismaps. It's a poster so I need to take it somewhere and get it framed, preferably really, really cheaply. They've done Boston, Washington DC, New York and Chicago so far. 

Blog pix 2073It's back to being scaldingly hot. Summer. Why can't summer be cooler? Usually it cools off at night but it was 80 degrees last night and it's supposed to hit 3 digits today.  I think I woke up with heat stroke. I keep craving ice cream. I'd indulge that a bit more if I didn't need to swear off ice cream forever and the most exercise I get is walking from the garage door to my car door.


Maybe I'll treat myself if I finish this one. Again.

Blog pix 001 


At last! The Longest Ten Weeks of the Year Are Done

  Yay! Yay! And whew. 

Blog pix 1979 Another view from Mt Diablo - I think I was only 2200 ft up. 

Blog pix 1955I'm on the final border of my Curve of Pursuit!! Woot!(That's not my CoP, that's Monika's.)

I'm partially frogging/redesigning my Lace Edged Elegance - if a pattern calls for cotton - there might be a good reason. Elsebeth Lavold's Silky Wool is beautiful and feels wonderful but it's not a warm weather sweater and short sleeves are, ah, dumb, in the cold weather we've been having. It's getting long sleeves as we speak and I'm trying to think of what to do with the inset square neckline. A ribbed split collar, maybe.

All My Children & One Life to Live - cancelled! I'm in shock. I don't actually watch them anymore - me and apparently hordes of other former fans - but I was glued to them for a.......hmm. Couple of decades. Yowza. I'll still spot a cast member on other shows and squeal like a cousin made a TV appearance. They were family.

I'm at peace with Detroit 187 most likely getting cancelled - I love the show but the numbers are abysmal - it's been pre-empted umpteen times and the replacements did better in the time slot - ouch. It was quirky but compelling. Now I'm really hoping that Chicago Code makes it. New favorite. (Warning: The site talks but it took a minute).

Chris Jericho should win Dancing With The Stars this season. Maybe Romeo. Maybe.....

The Sex Life of My Aunt by Mavis Cheek Dillys is having her adulterous dalliance and adulterers and mid life crises evidently bore me but Mavis Cheek's writing kept me going. There was just enough personality and truth to the book to keep it somewhat engaging.

Time Spike by Eric Flint & Marilyn Kosmatka was his typical fun romp with semi-serious overtones - his out-of-place worlds - this time, a maximum security prison, conquistadores, Cherokees walking the Trail of Tears with the soldiers on duty and the Mound people of Missouri all end up in the Cretaceous period. It's pretty simplistic but they do try to address the wrongs that have been taken for granted over the years.

Hez sez "Who are you again?"

Photographic Evidence

Evidence of Lace Edged Elegance aka Golden Gate aka That Da**** Orange Thing (and I don't really like the back but that could be because it's freezing today.) (43F/6C)Blog winter0809 022_edited

Evidence of the Cable Cardigan aka V Pointed Charmer (all I have left to do is the picot crochet edging, already started) (Crochet is kind of fun. Who knew?) Blog winter0809 016_edited Blog winter0809 015_edited

Evidence of the continued (but stalling) progress on the Curve of Pursuit - Hez is actually under it under the covers but I'm not sure you can tell. Blog winter0809 006

Evidence of my Nana Sadie Rose custom made Grace: Blog winter0809 001_edited  Blog winter0809 002_edited Further evidence that I think a purse must be able to do is hold my wallet, a book, lipgloss and a cellphone. This holds all that and more and is a really sweet, light backpack yet elegant purse to carry.

Evidence that good intentions don't necessarily make for a good system:Blog winter0809 024 Blog winter0809 026 Blog winter0809 027 You tell me. How do you get anything out of that shed?

Oh! I thought I'd posted this awhile back, it's the Hub Cab restaurant on Bonanza after a car went through the front door. Blog winter0809 028_edited

Blog winter0809 013_edited Hez sez: "It's cold out there! I advise you to sit home, stay in front of your television set and make good use of any available lap [Knit if you can. Attention hog. Er, cat] Sadly, other than Cold Case and Leverage [Not half bad. Two Words. Christian Kane] there isn't much on Sunday nights. Okay, cheesy multiple episodes of The Librarian, [which, if I'd listed to my mother, I'd be today. A regular librarian. Probably not THE Librarian.] NCIS on Tuesday, I think Leverage will be 10pm Tuesday nights on TNT  Bones is going to be on at 9pm this Wednesday. Why is Gray's Anatomy the only show on Thursday night?  If it wasn't for Kevin McKidd, I could have a TV free night. Mom will watch The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Heroes tonight, but unless I find out who and what Sylar really is, Im boycotting it in favor of a nap."

[Yeah, really awful picture, even by my standards, but she refused to cooperate or for that matter, get out of my lap most of the weekend.]