I Promise To Be True...

Eastern Europe 084 Go vote in KSD's Knitter's Hunk Contest!!Feast your eyes. It's down to the final rounds.

And in a lesser note, I hereby resolve to be monogamous.


In my fashion.


Knit on one thing at a time and not to start anything new until all my UFO's are either knit or frogged. (Except Lyra which I hereby resolve to finish before my death. Providing cloning catches on first.)

Huh. I wrote that on August 24th. A mere thirteen whatever days ago. (I tend to write these things and save them. Forever.)

The only thing I've finished is a washcloth and that's because the yarn ran out. Has that stopped me from falling in love and wanting desperately to cast on something new?

It has not. I am dying to cast on Brooke Nico's Lace Jacket, #13 in the new Vogue Knitting, It's very similar to Sleeves in your Pi by Gayle Roehm, that been in my To Knit list for centuries except Gayle Roehm's is more of a shawl-coat than shawl-sweater. So I can still knit both. (Those are Ravelry links so if you need to join to access them).

Blog pix 1690 I was so enamoured of it that I spent approximately (Ha. Like I'd admit it?) tossing my stash for the perfect yarn. J Knits Lace-a-licious in Sante Fe I picked up at Imagiknit yarn trolling w/Bev and Jewel, wow, a year ago April? that might be perfect if it was 150 yards longer and not quite my-skin-tone (more or less).

There's the burgundy Misti Alpaca Laceweight that might work except I've been knitting a Cheryl Oberle design with it. After deciding I should frog it once and for all and pulled it off the needles, I realized that wow, it's much bigger than I thought. (Unblocked even.)

In fact, it's a perfect size with a nice lace edging to finish it off and OMG, I have 400+ stitches to pick up now. On a slip st, psso, yo every 6 sts row. Kill me now. 

There's some gray silk that is in tiny, tiny skeins. The idea of winding it is sapping my will to live.

I can't find any size 5 addi lace turbos (that don't have a project on them). 

I shouldn't have made that vow. The Universe is making me live up to it.